Mec srl is an Engineering Company that deals with business support relatively to the study and development of solutions to solve problems of draft and cost analysis.
It offers services of environmental consulting, designs and manufactures solar gadgets, also customizing them.
Environmental consulting, energy saving and renewable sources, building management, waste management ... here are the steps that bring our planet to a continuous improvement in the future. Mec promotes and practices the technological integration in many areas aiming at the creation of synergies, lowering the cost of maintenance and/or management services.
Mec offers the possibility to improve the aulity of life and create the conditions for the experimentation and the achievement of well-being event in schools through recognized methodologies from psychology and pedagogy and proposing concrete proves of the importance of the preservation of our planet through solar gadgets in wood powered by solar energy.
MeC offers activities of assistance to companies relatively the technical analysis and coordination in the industrial area, planning and management, for the study and development of solutions aimed to solve problems of draft.


Assistance, analysis and technical coordination in the field of industrial design and management
MeC core business is the exercise of activities as assistance, analysis and technical coordination in industrial, design and management fields, dealing with: companies assistance in terms of technical management for the study and development of...


The passion for education and a good example
The passion for Environmental Education has led MeC well-known saying: "leave the world better than we found it" as a real goal for the protection of the planet. Experiences of environmental education projects in schools have led us to believe in...


Think and prepare for sustainable human development
DREAMS AND VISIONS ... We need a sustainable development, human and urban, even more. We must think about development models that consider various aspects of involving citizens and their lives. The approach with the waste, for example, should...

Focus on

Focus on

MeC is now also in Modena-Italy

After 8 year from MeC date of birth, starting from Turing to Detroit, we are proud to be arrived in Modena (Italy), one of the most important italian city in automotive area. Modena is a foundamental starting point where we have the possibility to grow up in our Cost Engineering and Benchmarking activities.

R&D: 3D printer meets Cost Engineering and our Solar Gadgets

It is called Third Industrial Revolution and it can be considered one of the most important innovation of our times and MeC has determined to believe in it. The first Solar Gadget prototype realized with a 3D printer let us to discover new horizons in our Educational Division and in our Cost Engineering activity and allow us to transform a technical drawing in a concrete objects in few hours. 3D printing is something new that's growing up in many strategical areas, for example in medical, automotive, architecture, aerospace sectors and allow us to believe and grow up in R&D to develop new ways, new standards and new experiences in Cost Analysis and in prototyping of our Solar Gadgets.

Solar Gadgets

Discover all our photovoltaic games 100% made in Italy.

Photovoltaic wind turbine in wood Solar wooden carousel Pen holder with cyclist in wood Solar air biplane Italy 1 gm sva Hovercraft solar Solar pen holder shaped mill Solar helicopter Steamboat Solar windmill Photovoltaic Excavator Apprentice solar Solar-powered plane in wood


Divisions of MeC

Assistance, analysis and technical coordination in the field of industrial design and management
The passion for education and a good example
Think and prepare for sustainable human development

MeC Family

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