Mec told by "Il Sole 24 ore"

Mec told by "Il Sole 24 ore"

Reference: Il Sole 24 Ore

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When the toy is powered by solar panels

Gadgets green. Airplanes and racing cars powered by solar energy: they are toys made by Mec Srl
wood from certified and scrap silicon photovoltaic panels, cut into smaller pieces.The
packaging is recycled cardboard: the band is also painted with watercolors. "Even the style made in Italy makes a difference, "says Massimo Bardissone, 28, president of the Piedmont startup that has reachedlast year a turnover of € 500 thousand.Green is a company where respect for the environment begins bydesign: adopt energy-saving measures and uses software that monitors dioxide emissionscarbon compensate for later, for example, through reforestation in the province of Turin.
Attention to the ecology is flanked attention to social sustainability: the games will be mounted in
collaboration with a cooperative that assists refugees of Somali origin.For Mec major markets are in Italyand in Europe, but in July it plans to expand in the United States.(lu.di)

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Pen holder with cyclist in wood Solar air biplane Italy 1 gm sva Hovercraft solar Solar pen holder shaped mill Solar wooden carousel Photovoltaic Excavator Steamboat Apprentice solar Photovoltaic wind turbine in wood Solar-powered plane in wood Solar windmill Solar helicopter


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