Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

Unique producers of these gadgets in Italy for a sustainable future and environmental protection

Box of solar game windmillAfter years of successes and positive feedback from pupils, teachers, principal and local administrators  as regards to the projects of environmental education, in 2009 was born the idea to develop, produce and commercialize solar gadgets, thinking to a sustainable future and to the safeguard of the environment for a long time.

We are the only producers of these gadgets in Italy, totally realized in certified wood and in kit of assemblage with an ecological packaging, perfect both as knickknacks or as desk objects, but also ideal to color for doing small works of modelling.

The gadget functioning consists in the working of a little electric motor that receives current from a small photovoltaic panel when illuminated from the sunlight, not being buffer battery. The whole engineering of the gadgets and their realization is made by MeC Italy.

Customizing solar gadgetsTo testify our ethical and ecological idea of product we have exposed our solar gadgets in exhibition with energetic and eco-friendly thematic in Italy and in foreign countries, from the most distant "Intersolar USA" in San Francisco, California and "Intersolar EU" to Monk, Baviera passing for the national ones “Do the right thing” in Milan and “Future Heart”in Florence, from "Sana" in Bologna to "Energethica" in Turin, from "SolarExpo" in Verona to "ZeroEmission" of Roma, to Vercelli, Aosta, Genova, Bolzano, Cremona, "Ecomondo" in Rimini, Little Christmas shops in Turin and  “Artigiano in fiera” of Milano.


Being the manufacturing director of these photovoltaic gadgets we propose them for the firms that intend to realize business gifts or promotional gadget with an eye of respect toward the environmental thematic.

We have in fact the possibility to apply the logo of the society carved laser on the wood or printed color on already existing models in catalog, up to the realization “ad hoc” of a new gadget.

Not only: also the graphics of the packaging are totally personalized to communicate a coherent and ecological choice to the best.


Customized solar gadgets, photovoltaic games in wood

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Even the toys move with the energy of the Sun (LaStampa, p. 63, Thursday, March 14, 2013)

Even the toys move with the energy of the Sun (LaStampa, p. 63, Thursday, March 14, 2013)

MeC's job never stops, and in the next edition of "Fa La Cosa Giusta" (Do the Right Thing), which will open its doors Friday, March 15, the newspaper...

Solar Gadgets

Discover all our photovoltaic games 100% made in Italy.

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