The sustainable ecommerce

The sustainable ecommerce

Buy online your solar gadgets, eco-friendly products, environmentally friendly items, fashion accessories and much more is the ecommerce sustainable environmentally friendly!

You can cosily buy our solar gadgets and other eco products on our e-commerce

E4E, “Energy for Ennvironment”, is the e-commerce that arise from the desire to encourage, support and increase also in Italy, as they are already doing many other European countries, the environmentally sustainability and eco-compatibility for most respect for nature.

The idea was born from the collaboration of 2 of the best companies on the national scene: Mec Srl and Argo Srl based in Verona.

Through the close collaboration established between the two companies, the Energy 4 Environment portal is updated daily and managed by a select team of experts who, with years of experience, give the best of their abilities.

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This commitment ensures that e-commerce is efficient and functional, ensuring the willingness of both sides to give any clarification to doubts and needs of Customers.

Browsing you will have the chance to see all products handled by us which are constantly increasing with time.

You will find our solar gadgets and decorations for party and Christmas, eco jewelry, eco-friendly stationery, gift ideas for all tastes, dishes and glasses for a ecological catering and many other products.

…so we wish you good navigation and good buys!

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Even the toys move with the energy of the Sun (LaStampa, p. 63, Thursday, March 14, 2013)

Even the toys move with the energy of the Sun (LaStampa, p. 63, Thursday, March 14, 2013)

MeC's job never stops, and in the next edition of "Fa La Cosa Giusta" (Do the Right Thing), which will open its doors Friday, March 15, the newspaper...

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Discover all our photovoltaic games 100% made in Italy.

Pen holder with cyclist in wood Apprentice solar Photovoltaic Excavator Solar-powered plane in wood Hovercraft solar Steamboat Solar pen holder shaped mill Solar air biplane Italy 1 gm sva Solar helicopter Solar windmill Photovoltaic wind turbine in wood Solar wooden carousel


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