MeC srl and the waste collection in pneumatic suction, a reality in Italy

MeC srl and the waste collection in pneumatic suction, a reality in Italy



The automated vacuum waste collection system is developed in our country for a young and innovative, the Mec Ltd. born in 2006 from an idea of Carlo and Massimo Bardissone, formed by a team of engineers from the Polytechnic of Turin ...

A quick and simple premise after reading the article published on Mec srl on what can make the pneumatic system for the collection and management of waste:

the automated system, scalable and integrated, is able to solve various problems of waste disposal, to achieve the objectives that the laws and regulations impose.

And 'possible to automate various processes, reducing the costs of collection through to the preparation of detailed user rate citizen.

Download free pdf attached, officially published on the site!


Automated vacuum waste collection system


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