Ecofriends takes part to "Do the right thing"

Ecofriends takes part to "Do the right thing"



Do the right thingOn March 30, will kick off the 2012 edition of "Do the right thing" in Milan. Ecofriends, through its members, will be present in both exhibition spaces at conferences.

Proposals that support sustainability partners Ecofriends range from the innovative ideas of design (and not only) in association with Minimo Impatto will also launch the first Eco Concept Store conceived by two realities green - environmentally sustainable solutions MeC, a company specializing in engineering, environment and education. Then it will range from proposals Rigeneriamoci, a company that since 1993 remanufactures cartridges, printers and all IT equipment by focusing on quality and efficiency of the service, to eco-detergents and organic cosmetics to plug Biolù.

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