Mec, gadget in wood and photovoltaic

Mec, gadget in wood and photovoltaic

Reference: La Stampa

Article from the newspaper "La Stampa" about Mec

They are their business card, and ecological modular, wood, solar and water colors in a recycled cardboard box for "to turn on the brain": it is the idea of communication developed by ecological "MeC Srl" young company such as professionals who have set it up and carry it out since 2006.

To tell their philosophy, have designed solar gadgets, landed last year's Intersolar North America trade show in San Francisco: windmills, amusement rides, airplanes, wind turbine blades in wood, powered by a small solar panel.

It has purchased the 250 "CNH" for distribution as a gadget company coming out of a new agricultural machine, are on sale in the shops and ecological kilometer zero of Turin, Asti, Novara and Vercelli:

"They summarize our motto, ecological, ethical, economic, a line of Eco-design created little by little in the MeC" says Massimo Bardissone, CEO.

Turin engineer of 29 years, in Turin in 2006 he founded the "MeCsrl" guided by the experience of his father Carlo, president of the company: over the years, the company has pulled aboard young engineers graduated at the Poliythecnic of Turin and other professionals, Francesco Gai, 31, born in Asti degree in Geography, psychologist Elisa Papa, 29, responsible for educational projects, Luca Sarli, 23, contact in Turin for projects dedicated to children.

"Apart from the solar gadgets - Maximum Bardissone summarizes the bulk of our business is related to engineering work: consulting and planning for businesses and government agencies, development and project management in the field of renewable energy, energy cost analysis and strategies to knock them down, feasibility studies, educational projects on environmental education."

For the team LCR Honda motorcycle Gp signed the project "Ecostyle": "It 'started from a consideration: if they could cut their emissions them - said Francesco Gai - anyone would have done so. Beyond the on-track action, there was scope for reducing emissions of other aspects, such as transport -

Gai explains - and compensate those sure this could be reduced, supporting environmental projects or planting trees. " Things are different for the Venaria: "With the opening of the Palace increased tourism, but also traffic and waste - explains Gai - for the city we have designed a project that included separate modules, lighting, traffic, alternative energy, until the wi-fi. Beyond what the City will realize, is an important study - he adds - we bring with us to explain how we work, integrating different technologies already available. " No shortage of ideas:

"We are a young and enthusiastic team, even though our age sometimes penalizes us, there is a little 'distrust - he adds - but it is also our added value to the students always say to turn on the brain, let's do it us ".

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