Pneumatic collection system

MeC provides comparative and environmental analysis between the system of pneumatic waste collection and other collection methods, such as dumpsters on the road or underground containers, door to door methods, etc.. We compare the environmental impacts in terms of carbon emissions, energy consumption per collected ton of waste and vehicle traffic. MeC also develops comparative economic studies...

Waste Treatment

MEC promotes ethical and responsible use of  available resources to combine savings, optimization and economic return with the achievement oflarger and broader targets and values, and projected into the future. Who really pursues "green revenue", in fact, should prefer as a condition to the making profit and to economic results, ethical and universal values such as: Respect for people and...

Solar Gadgets

Discover all our photovoltaic games 100% made in Italy.

Solar helicopter Photovoltaic wind turbine in wood Pen holder with cyclist in wood Solar air biplane Italy 1 gm sva Steamboat Solar windmill Solar pen holder shaped mill Solar-powered plane in wood Solar wooden carousel Photovoltaic Excavator Apprentice solar Hovercraft solar


Divisions of MeC

Assistance, analysis and technical coordination in the field of industrial design and management

MeC Family

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