Energy and Environmental Audits

Energy and Environmental Audits

The first intervention and that a Municipality and a Company must achieve if they are going to improve their energy efficiency


The Energy Audit is the first intervention and that a Municipality and a Company must achieve if they are going to improve their energy efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of supply of electricity and heat.

Energy and Environmental Audits TurinThis is a detailed analysis conducted through the visit to the head office of the Municipality or the Company, and the examination of documents to learn about the situation.

By the energy audits, MeC aims to understand how energy is used, what are the possible causes of energy waste and what actions can be suggested.

An energy plan is provided and proposed to evaluate not only technical feasibility but also the economic actions.

The energy costs and consumption data are collected together with data on electric utilities, heating, cooling, water (power requirement / consumption rate, duty cycle, hours of work), etc...

According to the information and data collected will be possible to reconstruct some energy models.

From these models MeC calculate the distribution of power and consumption by type of use (lighting, air conditioning, process and cold for air conditioning, compressed air, other services, process areas), by cost center, department and for electrical substation , by hour and season.

The energy situation, so framed, is critically analyzed and compared with average parameters of consumption, in order to identify improvements to reduce consumptions and costs and preliminary assessment for technical and economic feasibility.

The Energy Audit, represents the starting point up to the start of any project for to obtaining greater efficiency and energy savings: according to it will be possible to determine in advance if an action might be both feasible and affordable, both from a technical and economic point of view.

The phases of intervention are:

  1. collection of preliminary information in order to conduct an initial energy analysis (fuel and energy needs, types of production processes, etc.);

  2. site inspection aimed at analyzing the internal power of processes in place (use and energy management);

  3. processing of data collected and preparation of final report.

In a second step will be identified areas of probable technical intervention.

The energy audit may include:

  1. adoption of cogeneration and trigeneration systems;

  2. thermal insulation of buildings (both external interventions on the doors and windows);

  3. installation of lighting high efficiency (LED);

  4. adoption of electric motors with high efficiency;

  5. installation of heat recovery;

  6. use of control systems and power management.

Technological solutions for energy auditMEC's intention is to identify the greatest inefficients in a company or municipality and, consequently, identify and propose technological solutions to solve critical issues.

The planning of technological solutions is coherent with the criteria of an economic and financial sustainability, appropriate (self-consumption and environmental sustainability) and oriented towards a smart growth.



The Environmental Audit is a process of verification, systematic and documented, to provide objective evidence that certain activities, conditions, environmental management systems, comply with the criteria set for the audit and to communicate the results of this process.

The MeC provides its advice to institutions and companies interested in performing these tests, drawing on its competence and experience with support of its partners.


 Environmental and Energy Audits in TurinThe technological and industrial revolutions of the last two hundred years, have dramatically changed human lives and habits, and have led to an increasing use and demand for energy.

Today it is essential to limit consumption by optimizing the resources available. Optimize consumption does not mean the reduction of use, which would result in a lowering of the life standard, but the rationalization of the same, to avoid waste and negative emissions.

An increase in the energy production also involves an inevitable increase of polluting emissions, which worsen ever more the environmental situation which is already very difficult. From this we understand that tools such as energy and environmental audit can bring only benefits, ensuring customers, beyond the "simple" energy saving, even an adequate attention to environmental issues, energy efficiency and savings.

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