Municipal Energy Plans

Municipal Energy Plans

Pursue and promote real sustainable development through the integration of environmental, social and economic realities

There is no alternative to change and this must necessarily be a conscious and sustainable change. We must offer to future generations the opportunity to live our (single) Planet with the same conditions that we have today.

One of the main goals of MeC srl is to pursue and promote real sustainable development through the integration of environmental, social and economic realities and using the technology, or, better, the synergy between advanced technologies used worldwide.

With the support of municipalities, MeC srl produces a report about energy spending and saving, in the reference area.

It's important for the Directors of the Territory to know the state of energy balance because of this it is possible to assess where and how to act to improve the efficiency of the municipal energy system.

From this initial report the Administration can decide to take action to improve and renovate plants, evaluating investments in renewable energies and other virtuous solutions in accordance with the Territory of reference and the Environment.

Covenant of Mayors and Agenda 21 for a sustainable world"Agenda 21" is one of the important tools necessary to reach qualified environmental targets and the possible resolution of problems; is promoted by the UN and activated voluntarily by local government.

Among the topics covered by "Agenda 21", we find mobility, reduction of waste production, reduction of atmospheric emissions, reduction of energy consumption.

Another tool is the "Patto dei Sindaci" ("Covenant of Mayors"), an European initiative which commits the City to prepare an Action Plan with the goal of reducing by more than 20% (before 2020) their CO2 emissions through local policies and measures that increase use of renewable energy sources that improve energy efficiency and implement special programs on energy conservation and rational use of energy.

The specific objective of the Plan is to identify options for concrete measures to lower the environmental and economic costs of heavy fuel and energy bills paid daily by the entire National Community, due to the non-development of a social system based on a not-rational and not-efficient use of energy resources we have available throughout our Territory.

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