Waste Treatment

Waste Treatment

Ethical and responsible use of available resources to savings, optimization and economic return

MEC promotes ethical and responsible use of  available resources to combine savings, optimization and economic return with the achievement oflarger and broader targets and values, and projected into the future.

Who really pursues "green revenue", in fact, should prefer as a condition to the making profit and to economic results, ethical and universal values such as:

  • Respect for people and the promotion of their social growth, personal and economic;

  • respect for the environment;

  • ethical and responsible use of land resources by reducing and controlling the environmental impacts;

  • respect for and preservation of environmental heritage for future generations.

Waste management recyclingMeC's waste management starts from this and the waste themself are not seen as a problem for the territory, but as a potential resource.

Not considering waste incineration as a solution, especially for the economic and environmental budget of the plants, MeC considers the molecular dissociation as a viable alternative for the local resolution of waste problems.

Proposing the best separated waste collection, the plant would be used to treat only that part of waste that can't be differentiated or recycled in any way and that today is destined to landfill.

We develop stationary or mobile plants for treatment and energy production from waste using the process of molecular dissociation with plasma, with direct production of synthesis gas (syngas), in the absence of oxygen (no dioxin) and with zero emissions into the atmosphere.

The synergy between "zero emissions technology" and "location with zero anthropogenic impact" makes the plants potentially compatible with the location inside city, allowing a significant redefinition of logics currently used in environmental management.

From dissociation We obtain two products:

  1. Obsidian (residual lava INERT)

  2. Syngas (synthetic gas)

Therefore, we obtain two new materials from the molecular dissociation: thay could be otherwise used and not disposed as hazardous waste (ex. the ashes of the incinerator).

Obsidian, in fact, can be used as inert material for building (ex. in the streets), while the syngas is used by the plant itself for the production of electrical energy (in part for self consumption) and thermal energy.

The electricity (remaining) will be sold to the national electricity operator (GSE), while thermal energy can be used on land for the heating/cooling of public and private buildings (district heating).

Advantages of molecular dissociation:

  • economic efficiency in disposal costs;

  • higher quality of disposal service;

  • new job opportunities;Molecular dissociation

  • reduction of gas emissions (CO2) for disposal (less kilometers traveled for delivery, no emissions by the plant);

  • low-cost use of thermal energy produced by the cogenerative system of the plant;

  • underground installation and/or depressurized (no visual impact and no smells);

  • direct involvement (at least for 20 years) of the investor owner of the technology;

  • possibility of further innovations on waste system;

  • possibility of royalties for the city on extra municipal waste.

The system can be used either to provide an economic benefit from the sale of produced energy (electricity and heat), both to solve problems of environmental impact due to difficult waste to dispose (ex. incinerator ash, asbestos, industrial sludge, etc ...)

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