Tear-down, cataloging, cost analysis, comparison of the product and new solutions

The main goal of our activity of Benchmarking is to allow our partners to compare their products with those of the most successful companies.

We aim at realising a comparison of the products of our clients with those of the competitors or with other products manufactured by the company itself, in order to find new technical solutions of cost reduction (reduction in weight, new materials, new production processes) and to allow a reengineering of the processes within the company and a quality improvement. For these reasons, the process of benchmarking implies an activity of workshop with the partner in order to overhaul the target values of production and performance of the company which have to be reached and to identify the best practices which have to be studied and improved. 

Our state-of-the-art benchmarking software can be customised for every client: every piece, as well as every perimeter, is catalogued, photographed and completed with all information obtained from the technical offices, which is then visible in just one program, avoiding in this way the loss of time and information typical of the companies with a great amount of data.

The first action we undertake in order to reach these goals is, in the initial part, the teardown of the product. With our software’s tools it is possible to organise the disassembly of the product following a precise, systematic and innovative cataloguing system. This system takes into account the need of the companies to compare their own pieces or perimeters with those of their competitors.

The cataloguing is realised through a sophisticated 360° HI-Ress photo system. The innovative system we propose is able to take 24 photos a minute, which are then assembled together in order to obtain a 360° interactive image of the product: a technical experience with great precision of detail. Thanks to the high level of details it is possible to add notes and measurements on the photo itself, and to modify them every time it is needed.

MeC, which is expert and experienced in Cost Engineering, provides consultancy in the field of Cost Analysis of various components, in order to define the Cost Drivers of a product, to modify them and to maximize in this way the benefits for the client.  

The results of the Cost Analysis are added to the product asset within the software, whose data and contents are therefore increased. This includes for every product or part of it the cataloguing, its photos, the cost analysis sheet and all the information obtained from the different technical offices and purchase departments.

The mission of benchmarking is, moreover, to help the client in the definition of new ideas, in order to improve the methodologies, reduce the production timeframe and design new functional technical solutions and optimise them. This can be done in every step of the lifecycle of the product, from the design of it to every phase of the production process (manufacturing, transportation, production and so on).

Our idea of benchmarking is therefore aimed at providing the client with a service allowing him/her to have access to all the information of a product in a systematic and efficient way. The activity can be offered as a whole or can be divided in its phases (teardown, cataloguing, cost analysis, generation of new ideas) according to the needs of the client. In any case, we do our job with a methodology which has developed through the years, according to the experience gained by working for many years for very important companies worldwide.  




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