Energy and Environmental Audits

ENERGY AUDIT The Energy Audit is the first intervention and that a Municipality and a Company must achieve if they are going to improve their energy efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of supply of electricity and heat. This is a detailed analysis conducted through the visit to the head office of the Municipality or the Company, and the examination of documents to learn about the situation....

Municipal Energy Plans

There is no alternative to change and this must necessarily be a conscious and sustainable change. We must offer to future generations the opportunity to live our (single) Planet with the same conditions that we have today. One of the main goals of MeC srl is to pursue and promote real sustainable development through the integration of environmental, social and economic realities and...

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility is a system of urban mobility in able to reconcile the right of mobility with the need to reduce pollution and other negative aspects, such as CO2 emissions, smog, noise pollution, traffic congestion and the risk of accidents. These issues also have a social and economic cost that is borne by all. The MeC proposed projects and measures of sustainable mobility that reflect...

Solar Gadgets

Discover all our photovoltaic games 100% made in Italy.

Solar wooden carousel Pen holder with cyclist in wood Steamboat Solar air biplane Italy 1 gm sva Hovercraft solar Solar-powered plane in wood Solar pen holder shaped mill Apprentice solar Solar windmill Photovoltaic Excavator Photovoltaic wind turbine in wood Solar helicopter


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